Saturday, 24 March 2012

Capsule Sewing: Plus more Wardrobe Ramblings...

Do you capsule sew?
With this realising potential project I've been keeping an eye on capsule wardrobe ideas.
I like the idea of interchangeable pieces as thats what makes our wardrobes usable and interesting.
Due to the weight loss I've had to chuck away/ ebay a lot of my clothes and most basics have been worn to rags.
I've been really looking at collections as a whole and looking at the harmonising factors. I also bought the E-Book "The No- Brainer Wardrobe" by Hayley Morgan.
 Its helped a lot because its non specific but in the same vein it doesn't deal with the issue of weight loss and how that can affect things.
I colour coded my wardrobe (Sad I know) and the colours that seem to shine through the most are Pale/acid greens
Royal and greyish blues
Pumpkin Orange/ Red
Ironically its not the colours I anticipated would be dominant. I thought I would have a lot more purple and mustard. Not only that it gets a bit tricky to mix your primary colours without looking like a paintbox or an 80s TV presenter.
( My trousers and cardigans go in drawers but they range in a wide array of colours. But still are mostly in these colours.)

I LOVE Orange but Red washes my pale skin out just a bit too much and because of my slightly red complexion its not very flattering near my face.
(Strong corals and Oranges however look fab!)
My Neutral colours are at the end. The white and cream me-made top is a complete go to and is very comfy, 
I am lacking some serious basics at the moment. Plain block coloured tops, Trousers! Even a white shirt. This has lead me to think it would be great to sew some useful pieces
Sadly at the moment I don't have the time to take part in some of the amazing sewalongs going on in the blogisphere. There is a great basics one floating around from Girls in the Garden and I think I'm going to incorporate that into my Mad Men Challenge from Julia Bobbin.
I'm probably going on a bit for one post so I'll do a follow up later in the week but I wondered
Do you Capsule Sew?


  1. I think plain old basics get neglected in sewing land but they're key to a wearable wardrobe. A plain skirt will complement a bold print. I'm starting to think more about this.

  2. Excellent post Stevie, as it's something that's been on my mind lately. When sewing I'm normally attracted to busy fabrics, so not many of my makes can actually be worn together! To counteract this, I would love to capsule sew...but I wouldn't even know where to start!

  3. Congrats on the weight loss, I'm going through the same thing. I'm sort of working on a capule collection: blouse, pants and jacket that all go together.

  4. You have an amazing range of colours in your wardrobe. I love that first photo!

  5. I love your colour coded wardrobe! I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger award here :)

  6. I love the colours in your wardrobe! I haven't capsule sewn as of yet, although I like the idea... I wear a lot of dresses, though, which usually look good on their own...? ;)

    1. Thanks Alessa! Dresses are lovely especially for summer! But you could make a cute cover up like a funky cardi or little cropped jacket! Or do a capsule which included a dress and separates! xx


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