Thursday, 8 March 2012

Realising Potential Project: Cockatoo Blouse

There has only been a tiny bit of guilty sewing going on of late, due to the Uni workload. I'm nearing the end of my degree and so sewing had to take a bit of a backseat.
Thats not to say I haven't been doing any!

I started bra making but getting the supplies was a steep learning curve, plus my machine doesn't want to co-operate sewing zig zag on elastic. Any tips let me know!

I also finished this UFO from LAST YEAR!
Something just wasn't right about this blouse. But I loved the colour too much to let it go It was the length of the sleeves so I chopped them off and voila! Much better!
(The photos are done sans helper so they aren't the best.)
 This blouse is Simplicity 2601 and its one of the pieces I've put in my Realising Potential project. 
As I was going through my stash I started to pull things out in colour order. I wanted some nice pieces to put into a Spring/Summer wardrobe I want things that work together but that are Practical! So i'm limiting the dresses!
(In this picture you can see a sneaky peak of a couple of other projects i'm working on.)
These are the colours I have decided on so far as most of them already feature in my fabric stash.
I am still working out what I want to make but I certainly want:
 a hot pink version of 2601 with a waterfall ruffle on the front, 
a pair of hot pink slim leg pants,
To finish my bombshell dress
A 6922 TnT hot pink jersey top
In the Turquoise/Cockatoo colour I put in the 2601 top above and I have some slightly darker Blue Garberdine that I want to use to make Gertie's starlet suit. (I'd love one in wool this colour but student budget doesn't currently permit)
Finally so far, I have the "Solar Power" Mustard yellow which I'd like 
Slim Pants
A Mini skirt or pencil skirt
Vogue 8701 Jacket
I don't have the fabric for any of these yet.

Plus a little surprise project that I've almost finished (clue in one of the pictures above) I can't wait until I have the Summer off I'm going to be sewing up a storm!


  1. Lovely blouse Stevie - colour is fab, and I'm likin' the pepulm-y bottom party too.

    P.S. Can I ask where you found the little 'Pantone' colour squares from - they are a fab idea for story/mood-boards like the ones you've made above :) ?

    1. Sure chick if you go on the pantone website they normally have the years "colours" but if you google specific ones they come up on images! x

  2. The blouse is really gorgeous! The lines totally suit you too. Love the colours you've picked :)

  3. Great plans! I love the idea of the Starlet Suit in that lovely blue shade! Lovely blouse, too, I especially like the shape of the collar!

  4. Oh I love the blouse color with that necklace! Turquoise is pretty much my favorite color, so I'm really looking forward to the other garments you make in it!


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