Sunday, 18 March 2012

Dreaming of Spring...

Is anyone else desperate for Daylight Saving to come?
I have re-started my garden's (front is flowers, back is flowers and veg) We have crocus and our first daffodil.
 I've started planting up my veg and some dahlia's. But I am so impatient for the warmer weather!

Particularly with regard to sewing I have been in a bit of a Spring Fever brought on mostly by Pinterest. (follow me here) I have two projects not quite finished and I have at least three items cut out but not yet sewn. I am finding it increasingly difficult as my jeans get too big, to not go out and buy new. It won't be long until they are also too big and I don't have the mula to go out and get two pairs! I've been sewing a lot of jersey for that reason. The jersey at least won't look so bad for a while.
Heres a couple of things on my wishlist and maybe sewing list.

This top Anthro dress reminds me of Simplicity 2374 which I have in the stash or Kwik Sew 3758 if you narrowed the skirt. This Pink and purple skirt has already inspired me but I'd love to make a replica with New Look 6981. you could do the same for this fabulous yellow Chevron skirt too! (I've been hunting for this fabric!

There have also been lots of lovely chiffon blouses around that look a lot like Colette's Jasmine blouse.

Plus I have some Navy Ponte from the last blogger meetup which could prove useful for making McCalls 5978 with a bit of embroidering.
I could go on forever I think!
Whats been inspiring you for spring?


  1. EVERYTHING. ha. No seriously, I keep seeing lovely things I just HAVE to knock off! Even Old Navy yesterday had some adorable spring tops that were begging to be recreated. I'll be busy for quite a while if I attempt even half what I have planned. :) Thanks for the Pinterest link, followed you!

  2. I love definitely keeps the the ideas flowing. I am so ready for spring too. Happy sewing.

  3. Lovely! That constellation cardi is incredibly cool!

  4. wow, that blue chiffon blouse is a dead ringer for the jasmine! i might have to revisit that pattern and make the other version with the longer bow.

    i'm going to add you on pinterest!

  5. Love your inspiration photos!


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