Monday, 26 March 2012

Versatile Blogger Award!...

Yay! Another Blog award! This one comes from Sorbet Surprise!
Thanks lovely. 
So heres the fine print
The Rules
  • add the badge to the winning blog page
  • thank the blogger who gave it
  • list the rules
  • list seven (7) random facts about yourself
  • pass on the award to five (5) deserving and conscientious bloggers who are nominated for their diligence, demonstration skill, and achievements in the world of blogging and specifically in the sewing related category.
  • contact the nominated bloggers and let them know they are recipients
 The 7 Random Facts
1. Although I don't focus on it much (look at The Dreamstress for a pretty accurate blog on it,) I study Fashion and Dress History and I adore historical clothing! I go through crushes and my last one was 1910-1912, I really get into what i'm studying and I'm hoping to go on and do a masters in it.

2. I used to be a singer (Not of the sewing machine variety); I used to be fairly musical up until I left school and was part of a Chamber Choir doing tours around Europe. Most of my family is musical, my dad plays violin and guitar and my brother is doing a degree in contemporary music at a conservatoire. He plays guitar, drums, piano and sings.

3. I am a big fan of gardening. I love growing stuff! Last summer our garden was overgrown and looked tiny and the front garden was just weeds, Now I have lots of spring flowers in the front and I have started growing fruit, veggies and more flowers in the back garden. I even have a blueberry bush! It reminds me of my darling grandad who past away a couple of years ago, I still miss him lots.

4. I am originally from Somerset, the land of cider and the wurzels. I lived in a small village for most of my life and I sorely miss evenings in a field with cider and a folk band.

5. I collect vintage dress patterns and magazines; Ok so I know a lot of you do this too! Not that random

6.I currently have a thing about wearing grey and yellow together. Hence why I need to get sewing more and save to buy some new fabrics!

7. I once got on local news; when i was about 6 at a country fair, when my grandmother lifted me into a flowerpot behind the presenter so I could wave at her while she watched the news later.

So thats the facts over I'm passing it on to
Alana from Lazy Stitching
Leimomi from The Dreamstress
Erika from Erika Made It
Mikhaela from Polkadot Overload


  1. Fascinating! I lived in Bruton (went to high school there) in the mid-80s. Bruton School for Girls at Sunny Hill.

  2. Thanks for the award Stevie :)I have a big this about grey and yellow, thats what color my bedroom is.

  3. yay for the west country. Well done for the award.

  4. Oh my gosh, I didn't realise you were a Somerset girl too! I am from Frome originally, how funny!


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