Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sewing Room Musings...

Hi People!
Its time to talk about my new sewing room!
I've been sufferering with a crappy dust allergy a lot in the new house, I have just mopped some of the floors (we have no carpet yet) and its no wonder! 80 year old floorboards carry a LOT of dust before you've even decorated. I've been taking lots of meds as its been giving me an asthma like cough making working in the house, pretty miserable. But the max strength Benadryl is helping!
Most of our rooms are finished now apart from flooring. The Sewing room is the last room to be done, simply because of funds and there is so much we need to do!
This is a wardrobe I got off of freecycle (all our shelving and wardrobes got mouldy in storage)
Its currently holding pretty much all of my stash!
I know its pretty shaming, Everything is pretty much stuffed in just because its the safest place for it at the moment.
I'm hoping for an Expedit for my Birthday in May so that I can organise it properly. That is the point where I will count just how much fabric I have. I love my stash and I think after such a long absence of being able so sew regularly I should be able to get some good pieces out of it.
Here is what it looks like after an afternoon of sorting and with the desk and bed sorted...


Ok so still not perfect but workable now. The old fire has to come out and we have laminate for the floors. Other than that everything else is there to plan! One of the best bits of unpacking was re-discovering things unfinished or forgotten. Like my lovely soft quilt. This is so almost done, but it makes my arms ache pulling it through the machine as of course I don't have a long arm machine. This is one of the things i'm determined to finish just because I know how awesomely squidgy and comfy it will be when its finished.
I'll leave you with a pretty jar of trimmings I'm thinking of storing my sewing bits in big and small jars like this on a shelf above the desk. What do you think? Do you have any sewing room plans? I'd love to hear any tips!  If you fancy looking at my Sewing room Pinterest board its right here I also have one devoted to Expedit's from Ikea... Oh the Possibilities!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the allergies! Those are the worst. Especially when're you're stressed with school and trying to get your sewing organised! But the sewing room is beginning to look good... looking forward to seeing what you'll make in your new space!
    P.s.: I'm finding the new font is a bit hard to read.

  2. Wow you have been busy. U'v only just moved in its taken me 7 years and still not finished doing the house up. The room is starting to look good, I am looking forward to seeing the finished room and the garments that you make in it.


  3. Shout out anytime you wanna meet up and have fun planning your room hun (I'll even bring brownies LOL!) :)


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