Sunday, 3 February 2013

Walthamstow Meetup and The Fabric Malaise...

Tilly, Jane, Karen and Zoe perusing the fabric offerings!

*Fabric Malaise is a term I coined for the dreamlike euphoria everyone was in when in contact with any sort of fiber or cloth

Friends! We did it. Walthamstow happened! no less than 15?! Eager sewists met me at Walthamstow Central yesterday for a day of fabric swapping, sewing chat and of course a spot of fabric shopping.
For those not familiar Walthamstow Market has a good variety of small fabric shops and market stalls selling all kinds of fabrics, generally around £2 per metre.
First we squeezed ourselves into a little cafe called Marrakech and started swapping.

 We started out using a civilised system, but soon realised we would never get through the sheer number of fabrics, notions and patterns on the table so it became a game of, "Please may I, if no one has claimed it."
                                                                   Tania, Ally and Julia 
Jane, Karen and Zoe
After Claire's super organization we were ready for fabric shopping, already laden with swapping haul.
Everyone proceeded straight to "The man outside Sainsbury's" and some of the small shops! 
                                         Julia, Karen, Tania, Jane and Ally (Picture borrowed from Tilly)
 Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and I was so happy to see so many sewists in one place!
Its great to catch up with people I've met before such as Tilly, Jane, Karen, Claire, Dibs, Zoe, Ally, Shivani and Julia. But also meeting new friends such as Tania, Zora(no blog as yet) and Helen (who came all the way from Merseyside!)
Tilly checking out this lovely floral jersey (picture borrowed from Karen)

Thankyou to everyone that came and I'm sorry I couldn't see more of you! I know not everyone could make it but I promise there will be another meetup soon! Can't go too long without contact with other likeminded sewists now can we?
 I'll leave you with the best photo of the day snapped by Tilly. Claire, Myself and Dibs all sporting our old lady-esque but none the less very useful trollies!


  1. Looks fab! Would love to be there for the next one, so I can bring my trolley too! I bought it at Chapel St Market, Islington, a couple of months ago, purely for hauling home fabric and wool stashes.

  2. Stevie thanks so much for organising a wonderful meet-up :) I had so much fun. And you and I must get together to fantasy-plan your sewing room soon ;)!

  3. It sounds such fun, I wanna come too! and £2 a meter wow I never find material that price. can't wait to see what your going to make with it all! Dxx

  4. Hi Stevie such a fab day it was great to meet everyone and just think about sewing,fabric and what to make next. Thank you, thank you for arranging it. I'm thinking seriously about a blog of my own. I hope I get to go on another meet up soon. Zora

  5. Oh chicky - i wish I could have been there but I had to make a mission to ikea for a wardrobe (I even have a polka-dot granny shopper too!)
    Looks like a blast x

    1. Alana! We missed you lovely, long time no see! We'll have to do another soon or have a little catch up. Loved your Cambie by the way! x

  6. Stevie,
    Looks like you girls had lots of fun.. SO happy for you.. Can't wait to see some post of the beautiful fabrics and what you will make.. Happy sewing.

  7. Thanks for organising it Stevie, it was so much fun!

  8. So sorry I missed this :( loving the missoni style jersey, that color is just amazing. Cant wait to see what everyone makes with their goodies...

  9. So sorry I couldn't come. One day I'll get to sample the wonders of Walthamstow!


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