Monday, 4 February 2013

Walthamstow, The Spoils!...

Afternoon all!
Now I know your dying to know what I got at the swap and shop!
Apologies for the quality of the pics but I was so excited I snapped them late last night.
Up top is a Missoni style cotton interlock knit (£2 per m, I got two)

I got some really great goodies From Claire, Miss Hyper Organised! I only see her every few months but she's pretty much my sewing secretary! She came with a shopper and swatch sheets of all her fabric. Such a genius. These were things I got from her in the Swap.
  • (Above) Turquoise knit with stripe in the weave,
  • Tulip Polycotton,
  • Lovely Autumnal floral Jersey
  • Funky mixed colour Polycotton

I also got one thing from Julia and one from Tania
  • Striped purple jersey with white and pink stripe was from Julia
  • Burgundy bottom weight, possibly drill from Tania

Then as if that wasn't enough, I got these two beauties from Tilly!
  • This fabulous border print cotton in three greens and a black
  • The most amazing silk chiffon in a mermaid turquoise. Its so Divine. Tilly bought it to make her beautiful new Matilde blouse but said it was too slippery. I intend to make something beautiful out of it to do it justice!

I actually gave away more than I received in the swap which was my aim. I had plenty of stuff pent up for swapping and it felt great giving it to friends who will use and treasure it.
I also made some purchases. I've never been on a fabric ban but I should be more mindful of what I put into my stash. (post coming up on that later.) However I spend under £20 on the fabrics I got and with spring coming around I only got light summery fabrics and only 2m of each. So I got
  • This lovely fine lawn in zig zag print. I think this would make a funky light coverup
  • very fine linen in a great hot pink! I have a chiffon blouse similar to Tilly's mathilde in this colour and I love it. Maybe something similar?
  • Jane got this fabric also. Its a lovely fine cotton with a nice drape, finer than quilting cotton but with more heft than a lawn. I think this will make something fab. Its in a charcoal grey which I'm using as a neutral for my SWAP. I'm working on a similar colour needlecord at the moment. Yay for Co-ordination!
  • Finally this pretty 30's esque jersey. There was just over a metre so I think i'll squeeze a tiny pocket tank out of this one!

So 13 fabrics. But I think I got rid of well over 30 items of sewing stuff including magazines, patterns and some 6 fabrics. So I  don't think thats too bad.
I think its time to sign up to that stashbusting challenge!


  1. you got a Missoni print? Drooling...

    1. I wish Madalynne, It hasn't got the knit. Its a flat print that is similar. Most missoni is like £40 per m. Mine was £2! :) But I can pretend!

  2. Your fabrics are positively divine!!! Cannot wait to see what you make with the last one :)

  3. such beautiful fabrics.. Looking forward to seeing what you make with them. Happy sewing.

    THe meetup looked so fun.. Proud you girls enjoyed yourselves.

  4. Looks like you guys had an awesome time! I really miss being able to go to Walthamstow, I went pretty much every weekend when I spent last summer in London! You got some amazing fabrics, the stall outside Sainsbury's was always my favourite followed closely by Saeed's. I'm just gutted I'm not in London and couldn't join you, but it was nice to virtually revisit! :)


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