Sunday, 10 February 2013

SWAP... The Fabrics!

I think I cracked it! These are the fabrics i'm going to be using for the SWAP as you can see one of them is already an Airelle blouse. So from the left there is:
  • Grey wool elastane for Juniper Trousers and Salme Blazer - This will hopefully look like a semi casual suit when worn together but then worn separately be two good solid pieces.
  • Purple ponte for cardigan, may not be Lekala pattern because of the drape
  • Turquoise cotton jersey also for a cardigan
  • Airelle already made in purple stretch cotton
  • Turquoise swiss dot for jasmine 
  • Grey lawn stretch cotton could be another Airelle or Tilly's Mathilde
  • Stretch dark denim for Clover pants
  • Charcoal grey needlecord (Funny light its more the colour of the stretch cotton) For Grainine moss skirt.
  • purple jersey with white and pink stripe - got in the Walthamstow swap might make a renfrew but could be too thin.
I started on a muslin for the grainline skirt but frustratingly it was way too small so I'm going to cut two sizes up and reprint the pattern. (See there is an upside to digital download patterns!) Then I'll lengthen it as the extra band on the bottom isn't my cup of tea. 

Here it was all cut out and ready to go.
I'm also in the process of prewashing all my lovely fabrics from Walthamstow. 
I'm going to do my best at costing projects out this year.
If its been in my stash before the start of the year its going to be counted as free fabric, 
It would be impossible to remember otherwise! Hopefully there will be a lot of "free" projects this year. I could do with a bit of a stashbust!


  1. I think everyone is on a stashbusting kick this year, I think I am going to make a swatch book of all my stashed fabric, then it should be just as easy to 'shop the stash' as it is to shop online

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