Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Completed: French Theme... Deer and Doe Plantain

Bonjour again friends! I seem to have gone a la Francais this week. I have whipped up a Deer and Doe Plantain. This snazzy little t-shirt is a Free PDF! How awesome is that. I've seen gazillions being made on the interwebs and I decided to have a go... Pixel is still confused by this whole photo thing...
 Anyhoo this top is drafted soooo well. I love the neckline depth and the deep U shaping. Its very flattering for me and the waist actually fits! This happens rarely with me as there is such a difference between my bust/hip measurements and my waist.
 Nope Pixel is still not getting it...
The fabric came from a swap and I fell in love with it there is a kind of geometric pattern inside the minty coloured leaves and the base colour is a mossy green. Not a fabric i'd normally go for but its more flattering on than I anticipated.
God I love that back, my swayback is deep again to do with the waist issue this pattern glides over it really well.
Fabric: Free from a swap £0.00
Notions: From Stash £0.00
Total: Freakin Free!!!
Wearability: 10/10!!!! I can see me making hundreds of these. Indeed another will also be gracing the blog soon!
I leave you with Pixel finally getting to grips with this photo thing!

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