Wednesday, 19 March 2014

SWAP 2014: How it's going...

Hi Lovelies, Thanks for the kind comments on my Coppelia. I see many more in my future. Although there are so many awesome new patterns out at the moment I don't reckon it will be anytime soon.
I have however used it for one of my garments in Artisan Square's Annual SWAP Challenge. I have briefly blogged about it here and here in my Resewlutions. I'd really like to finish this one so i've been using some of my Minerva garments within my plan.

This time they have asked for 11 garments. 3x3 pac's and two wildcards.
This was my original plan:
Smart to Casual:
Archer Shirt
Moss Skirt
Hawthorne OR Bellatrix Blazer

Rainy Days:
Minoru Jacket
Auberpine Dress
McCalls 6708 Cardigan

Home Comforts:
Virginia Leggings
Coppelia Cardigan
Colette Zinnia

Vogue 8685 Dress
McCalls 5974 Dress
I have made big changes to this plan. I realised I didn't have the time to make two shirts, two jackets and three dresses in the time. So I had a rethink and came up with this second plan. The ticks are garments finished or just needing tiny finishes like hems. The scissors are those cut or in progress.
 I changed it up a little taking out the garments that would slow down the process. Its not perfect, I still have to check if Home Comfort is allowed two bottoms if they co-ordinate with each other, but i'm happier with the sets. I think they are things I will genuinely wear.
The revised SWAP consists of
Smart to Casual:
Archer Shirt
Simplicity Lisette 2211
Papercut Coppelia Cardigan blogged here

Rainy Days has turned to Sunnier Climes and has been renamed:
Deer and Doe Plaintain tee
Simplicity 2258 Skirt
By Hand LondonVictoria Blazer

Home Comfort is still going to change, not sure how yet:
Megan Nielsen's Virginia Leggings
Briar blogged here
Colette Zinnia Skirt

McCalls 5974
By Hand London Georgia Dress blogged here

I have so far completed 7 garments. I'm in the middle of the Archer and I intend to cut my skirts and plantain tonight. There is a month left to complete. Here's hoping I can make it!

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