Sunday, 30 March 2014

Completed: The Skull Pansy Skirt...

Another FO? Stevie are you feeling ok?
Yes friendlings I have been sewing up a storm. This is another piece for my SWAP! I call it the Skull Pansy Skirt.
This is Simplicity 2258. A pattern I have had eons and never used. Why? I'm not quite sure but I wanted something simple in design to show off my awesome fabric.
Which fabric you say? Only my freakin' skull pansy fabric. Behold...
I have hoarded this for soooo long. I bought it on one of my first trips to Goldhawk Road years ago and I haven't been brave enough to cut into it until now. 
Its a cotton sateen so its buttery soft, little stretchy but stable enough for just about anything!
 Yes lovely people there is skulls inside the flowers! This fabric felt a bit too avant garde for me for a while but by using it on a separate its actually surprisingly easy to co ordinate.
 The amount of colours in the skirt make it busy but easy to pick out. Hence why its the cornerstone fabric of my SWAP. I can go into pinks, purples, blues, whites, greens, yellows. You want a colour? This print probably has it. As for the skulls, its punky without being in your face. I like that about it. I don't dress like a goth, its just not how I roll. I love colour and this made it a happy medium.
 Did I mention how much I love pockets. This is such a clever construction and to be honest the pockets are the most complicated this skirt gets. The back view is pretty boring but like I said, showcasing the print. The skulls are random as are the flowers so some are upside down and some aren't. This meant there is no particular way up on the print. Hence why very little matching occurred it was just too complex and random a print.
Fabric: Goldhawk Road Pre Jan 2014 Therefore £0.00
Notions: Elastic in stash £0.00 Thread in stash £0.00
Total: £0.00
Wearability: 8/10
I think I'm cheating a bit calling it a free skirt. I had plenty of fabric left over so I could guess I paid about £20 for 3m making this about £8's worth. I think its super wearable and like nothing I would get on the high street so I'm pretty happy about that. Plus the elastic waistband makes it comfy too!
Do prints like this make feature garments in you're wardrobe?

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