Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Minerva Blogger Network: Papercut Coppelia

 This is my second project for Minerva's Blogger Network. For this I chose to use their Purple Knitted Textured Slub 'Carnival' Designer Dress Fabric. Thats a lot of words to describe this awesome fabric! Its strange, like a series of ribbons woven together with metallic strips. Whatever it is, I was drawn to it straight away!
I thought the fabric deserved something simple to show it off so I opted for Papercut's Coppelia Cardigan. This pattern is a breeze to put together, all in all I think it took around 2 hours to make. Lovely speedy project! I'm happy with the result and it looks great with fuller dresses! I did take these photos with a pair of jeans on, but the styling just didn't work. I think if I added length to it then it would look fab with jeans and things but on my bodyshape it looked blurgh!
I chose to just tie the bands but there have been some lovely versions of this like Nettie's at Sown Brooklyn and Rachel's at House of Pinheiro that do a faux wrap. I think when I make this next time (and there will be a next time) I may try that out. Other changes i'm considering are making the sleeves smaller, for some reason they drowned me a bit, shortening the arms, (I like sleeves over my hands but not quite as much as that) and creating a buttonhole opening inside to slide the fabric through as you would a wrap dress. 
I only glanced at the instructions so that may have been in there... Lazy sewist alert!
If you're after a quick speedy project you can do no wrong with this one. Its also a really handy garment to have around! I find myself grabbing it before I go out the door. Its just enough warmth without being too heavy, perfect for layering! I have lots more jersey in the stash waiting to be a Coppelia!

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