Sunday, 13 July 2014

Fuchsia Fun Cardigan: McCalls 6844

Those who saw me at the Minerva meetup will have heard me saying I whipped up this cardigan in a panic the night before because I had nothing that went with my Hazel dress I was wearing in the daytime.
This pattern was so popular about a year ago and as per usual I bought the pattern and never got around to making it. That is until I bought this ah-mazing hot pink lace jersey. It screamed at me "I must be a peplum" and so I obeyed.
 The pattern is a breeze to put together and using my overlocker it took a couple of hours from cutting to wearing.
My only complaint is that I would prefer the collar to fit into the peplum rather than have a straight collar. I cut a size L but I could easily go medium. I like it belted without something to bring it into my waist it looks a little drapey and it has no closures.
I love love love the fabric. I think I got it at Goldhawk its a lace jersey in this eyewatering pink!
I chose to cut the graduated peplum and I like the dip. I think I will have another go at this cardigan as its a nice style but I would do a narrow shoulder alteration and cut at least a size down. However it really works well as a wardrobe builder. I find myself grabbing it for these muggy days we have been having.
Fabric: 2m of pink lace jersey around £6pm so £12 (I may be overestimating)
Notions:Nada £0.00
Total: £12
Wearability: 7/10

The sizing is the only issue for me. Its the most expensive thing i've made in a while which wasn't a Minerva make. Thats mainly because a lot of my fabric has been stash recently. I don't feel too bad about the price I couldn't buy it that ethically that cheaply and it was so easy to sew on the overlocker I could churn them out! I'd recommend this pattern if you want a quick and dirty cardigan pattern with some style to it!

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