Monday, 21 July 2014

Royal Blue Mabel...

Morning Lovelies, I hope you are waking up to a brilliant Monday morning!
I'll be at work but nevertheless I have another Mabel attempt to show you! 
This one is made from a ponte that has been in my stash forever!
I got it as two remnants and only used one on this skirt! Love the small yardage on this pattern!
It just goes to show how different your jerseys can be though. Compared to the first Mabel I made this one is a little snug, same size slightly different quality. In order to remedy this a little. I let out some of the seam allowance on the front button band...
Talking of the button band where are the buttons?
Well, I had high hopes for this skirt. I've been dreaming of Santorini and beautiful greek islands. I was wanting some very white greek looking (if there is such a thing) buttons to go with the lovely deep blue skirt. Can I find the ones I want? Nope. They don't seem to exist and so instead of putting up with mediocre buttons I have decided to make it a design feature.
Are we all ok with that? Ok good. Moving on...
I didn't find styling this skirt too easy as wearing white with a pug around can be a challenge. I opted for different blues and this is probably how i'd style it in the future, also as I've said before i'll get the most use out of skirts in the winter with tights and boots. If i'm honest id fear for my modesty a bit in this one...
Stats time!
Fabric: Stash! 0.00
Notions: Stash! 0.00
Pattern: Used before so 0.00... I just remembered I didn't count the pattern last time! So say £10...
Not too bad I would have spent a tenner on something similar. I adore the colour and hopefully I have enough fabric to get a cardi out of the rest!
I must make a neutral and black mabel! How about you?

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