Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Return of the Graduate Wardrobe...

Those of you fabulous people that have been reading for a while or that have been lovely enough to go through my archive may remember way back when I started talking about a graduate wardrobe. This never materialised due to the fact that the universe can be a bit shit sometimes and decided to make me do a menial job until 60 applications later i've ended up with a decent job.

So now my thoughts are back on a professional wardrobe. But in blogland so many new patterns have been released since I made the first plan. I'm thinking it might be nice to make another. I've made two boards of the colours I think I would like to wear on a regular working basis. These consist of Coral/ Mint or Aqua/hot pink and neutrals White/ Caramel/ Black/ Brown. My accessories are simple gold. This is partly because I am allergic to fake jewellery. I've cheated a little on this first board. I have already purchased the white shirt and a similar coral one but its giving me an idea of how I can mix and match because lets be honest who wants to get up extra early to pick their outfit? I'm thinking the skirts may be Mabel and Lady Skater. I'm opting for comfort as lets be honest i've got a bus and train to contend with as well as teaching!
 I don't think i'd have too much of a problem finding trouser patterns. Clover seems to be promising in muslin stage. The shirts I have some ideas around but I'm not sure how formal I need to be dressed yet so i'll keep a loose idea on those.
Have you got any tips on designing a wardrobe for a working girl?

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