Thursday, 9 February 2012

Busy Busy Week...

Busy but lovely. My jacket is still not finished but I did have a fantastic day out with the lovely sewing bloggers in Brighton (Photos from Clare!) We did a great swap but yet again I got rid of 3 and came back with more! 
We also had a quick look around Ditto and I got some planned purchases there! 
So here's my stash! 

These are the Jerseys. I think the top one will be a nice Kwik Sew wrap dress again! I have a feeing that pattern is going to be pretty constant in my wardrobe.
The lovely poly is lovely and slinky. I was thinking it could make a nice slip but I'm concerned its a little staticky
 This top one is a cute little floral cotton that is perfect for a sorely needed pair of PJ's! The bottom one is corduroy and I'm hoping I can manage a Parfait out of it!
Last two are my planned purchases. The navy Ponte was on sale for £3 odd. Someone has recently posted about Ponteroma Pants (Trouser kind.) I've got 4m so I can squeeze out a dress or cardigan too!
The bottom fabric is a waterproofing I saw during the week. I waited until Saturday to make sure I was sure. It was £7 per meter but its great quality. I had great fun testing it for being waterproof! Its more of a bronze colour than the photo suggests but I thought it would make an awesome Minoru and I am in need of a waterproof jacket big time! 

In other news I made some curtains for our bedroom!
Sorry for the dark photos...
 I bought the fabric AGES ago from Ikea intending to make Grey curtains but I only got around to doing it this week. 2 hours later I had curtains! I'm really happy with them and they match the rug and our painted furniture! Now to get the bedding and mattress sorted and we have a proper bedroom!


  1. Love the curtains! it was so lovely to see you again in Brighton, Stevie. Not sure if I said it at the time, but your wrap dress is divine!! x

  2. Fab curtains!
    And I especially like your floral corduroy. A bit frustrating that Ditto online doesn't seem to include everything that's in the shop... but I suppose it would be hard for them to keep track of stock.

  3. Have you decided make another wrap dress with the pin floral jersey hun(a former resident of Claire's Stash ;) )? :)


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