Monday, 20 February 2012

Craftsy... You Tricksy Devils! I Signed up to All Three!

Note to self: Should not reward myself before Uni work is actually done.
Craftsy sent me some lovely emails about half price courses. So I signed up for Gertie's awesome Starlet Suit! Then I saw they had one on jeans which, Hello! would be perfect for my struggle with trousers... Then Susan Khalji I wasn't going to get... Until I watched the preview and I have now managed to sign up to all three!
I told myself I could have them when I finished my serious amount of Uni work but I panicked that the offer wouldn't be on by then! I am looking forward to doing them but they are a reward for when I have no other commitments. Not to mention I dont have the correct fabric for ANY of them.
I love the idea of Craftsy! I have the bombshell dress and I love that you can ask questions and interact whilst going through the course. I'd really like to advance my skills and have a little more patience when sewing. I think if I understood the reason for doing the techniques and the benefits of doing them more I would be slightly less tempestuous!
So Which ones have you signed up for?


  1. I signed up for the Couture Dress and the pattern arrived the other day. Like you I'm hoping it will improve my sewing skills filling in the gaps in my knowledge. Which reminds me did you know there's a new sewing studio/shop opened in Worthing I haven't had chance to drop in yet despite it being just round the corner from me but I shall do this week and report back. I like the sound of somewhere right on my doorstep and interested in maybe doing a course but I might have a chat to them to see if maybe it can be customized.

  2. hehe - all three for me too! A Craftsy trifecta, for sure.

  3. I signed up for the Bombshell dress and the Couture dress, but I can tell you I will be taking them all. I love the layout of the course and that I can take it up and put it down as my schedule see fit.

  4. The are tricky. I signed up for the same 3 classes. Now my only problem is which class to take first? Looking forward to seeing what you make.

  5. I signed up for Gertie's jacket tutorial and for 2 of Stefanie Japel's knitting courses. I've also sent courses to friends as gifts.

  6. all three ! wow - you will be super busy x

  7. I've signed up for all three and like you I do not have my supplies for them yet but I LOVE watching them now to see if I can gleam any tips for what I'm working on now.


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