Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Quick Fix...

Afternoon Lovely people,
Just dropping in to show you my new top! I haven't had time to photograph it until now. Its another of my TnT New Look 6922 My third because its just so damn quick and easy to make. Not to mention it takes up very little fabric. I wanted a Renfrew out of this fabric but didn't have enough. The lady unrolled it and there was just under a metre left! 
Oh well this one will get a lot of use anyway just like my other two!
 Its a bit thicker and I imagine its probably got a small bit of wool in the jersey.
apologies for the strange face. Pie maker was impatient!


  1. it looks great, I love patterns that are so good to use every day. You could wear all 3 this week and join in Tillys project.

  2. Lovely fabric, beautiful fit. Looks great on you!

  3. That's fab! And what a relief it is to make something quick and "right" after a sewing trauma!

  4. What pretty fabric, and those are good colours on you. A real winner!

  5. It's a lovely fabric - great top! :)

  6. Would you mind sharing how you made the shirt? It's so cute!


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