Monday, 20 February 2012

Jacket of Doom...

I tried so hard to get this jacket to work but I have decided to give up on it!
The fabric is just too thick to work with and I have no idea how to hem the godets... (after numerous internet searches/ looking in 4 sewing manuals from 1930 - Now!)
Not to mention the shoulders look crap and I can't fix them no matter what I do to them.
I think its a combination of pattern not being my thing, thick fabric and me being a bit of a dipstick
 I can't find my buttonhole foot but I doubt it would help if I had anyway! Oh well I guess I'll put it down to experience. It wasn't costly wool or anything.
The back needed taking in considerably but its just too boxy a style for me! Its made from a brushed cotton cord but as soon as you put two layers together my machine gave up.
Oh well I hope Gertie's jacket course will come out better as its much more my shape!
Have you had any Wadders recently?


  1. yes those shoulders do look rather big! I think that sometimes you do have tp put things down to experience, lessons learnt. We all get them.

  2. Ah shame - you must have worked hard on that. You will have some experience under your belt when you make Gertie's jacket though. This colour combination is lovely.

  3. Some things are just not meant to be Stevie - don't sweat it hun, at least with the course you'll have somewhere to post queries and get answers from Gertie (& other peeps) hopefully :)

  4. So sorry Stevie.. Experience you gained from all your hard work..will prove essential for other items.. So.. It is not a waste.
    Happy sewing.

  5. Ah, I hate it when that amount of work goes to nothing... Ah well, every mistake is a learning opportunity, right? Good luck with Gertie's jacket class, it looks amazing!

  6. So know this feeling. Nevermind, you're making it up for the jacket with all your wrap-dress loveliness! :)


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