Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Nostalgic Asterisks...

Its been a week of lots happening but not much finishing. I'm getting close to the end of university now so a lot of my sewing time has been eaten up!
This week I tried to get a dress done for valentines day but failed miserably. 
Its been a long time in the making. I've been desperate to copy Anthropologie's Nostalgic Asterisk's dress which is no longer available. Zooey Deschanel wears it on the first episode of New Girl. (My new favorite show!) So I had to have it. 
I very crudely adjusted Vintage Vogue 8728 to get the basic shape. Cutting off the sleeve and widening the skirt about 8 inches at the side seams. I have started making the white piping for it, something I've never done before and I love the effect! It isn't a perfect knockoff but I really like the style and I can imagine running up a few of these for the summer. 
 The only other thing I will do next time is sew some elastic into the waist. It takes some wiggling to get  into at the moment although I am adding a zip.
I'm quite pleased at how similar it is coming out! I just need to get a bit of time to finish it. 
Here's a rather blurry closeup of the fabric. What do you think? Close enough?


  1. It's coming together very cutely - I like the different tones in your fabric.

    And 'New Girl' is fab - I've had a bit of a girl-crush on Zooey Deschanel ever since 'Almost Famous'...

    Looking forward to seeing the completed article!!


  2. I think it's going to look great! I love New Girl too. Such a funny show!

  3. Wandered over here from Gertie's blog and I am going to be a follower. I love vintage clothes, sewing, New Girl, and that you say "whilst"!


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