Friday, 18 January 2013

Completed: Airelle... No, Really!

No... Could it be? Has Stevie actually sewn and finished something?! I know thats what your thinking!
My last completed sewing project to my shame was a petticoat I never wear. IN JULY!
                                                                     Prey forgive me!
But I'm officially back! Albeit with a make shift sewing space for now. Here is my Airelle from Deer and Doe. I have to say I wasn't sure i'd like this style but its actually very pretty or Tres Jolie even!(Thankyou to you) I showed Piemaker when he got home from work and his response was... "Ummm a bit loud..." It might be the pairing with purple jeans perhaps.  But I really like this top!

This stretch cotton has been in  my stash for AGES. I bought it in Ditto in remnants when I first moved to Brighton four(?!) years ago. I'm glad I managed to eek something wearable out of it, although I had to cut the facings separately to squeeze it in. Overall i'm pretty happy with the fit and it went together like a dream! I didn't bother with instructions although my french is passable, honest! The only thing I will do in the future is go up a size for a woven with no stretch. This is just about comfortable on but pulling it on and off can be a bit of a wriggle. The top photo is a little notched detail I decided to use on the cuffs. I often have trouble with 3/4 length cuffs being tight so this was to insure I could move comfortably. I needn't have bothered.

 Plus you lucky things get to see a corner of our new house! Yes thats our crap on the sofa, yes there is no flooring. But we'll get there in the end!
I need to find a better photo corner.


  1. Good job:)

  2. Hi Stevie, you look like you are dressed for the current weather very stylishly. Love the fabric.

  3. Stevie, your new top is fab and the print looks lovely on you :) And, I so know what you mean about 3/4 sleeves... it's stuff like that that makes me keen to sew my own things. I'm looking forward to catching up with you at your Walthamstow meet up on 2nd Feb hun!

  4. What a super cute top! I love the Airelle pattern- it's really adorable. And I say the purple jeans are just adding to the awesome :D

  5. The blouse and the house corner are both lovely. I love the riot of purples in the outfit.

  6. Hooray! I like what you did with the cuff - clever!


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