Monday, 21 January 2013

Meetup! and a little favor pour moi!...

Hi lovely people! I'm so excited about Saturday the 2nd of Feb!. Any suggestions on where I should book to eat?
I'll get a list of who's coming drawn up tonight. If you do fancy coming then please don't think its too late! Drop me an email!
In the meantime have a lovely week. I'll leave you with my clever little brother. Ashton Tucker
He's just finishing his first E.P. and could really use your support. He's a student at Royal Northern College of Music.

Have a listen and share it anyway you like. He'd sure appreciate it! You can follow him on his WebsiteFacebook, and Twitter
This is his first track "Rest The Blame On Me"


  1. Clever brother indeed! He has a really great voice.

    Looking forward to the meet up! x

  2. He has a lovely voice Stevie. Maybe you should ask Claire. She organised a trip there last time, so I think she might know a good place to eat.

  3. Hi Stevie,
    I'd love to come Saturday, hopefully it's not too late to throw my hat in the ring?
    For some reason I can't see you an email as my account doesn't seem to like your address :( How can I get hold of more details?

    1. Hiya thats fine i'll put you on the list.
      Were meeting outside Walthamstow Central Tube station at 11am and Swapping over lunch, then doing the market. :) I can email you my phone number if you need it. It would be great to see you!

  4. That would be cool thanks!
    Looking forward to it :)


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