Wednesday, 2 January 2013

London Meetup and Swap... DATE REVISION!

Hi everyone,
I've decided to rethink the date of the Walthamstow meetup. I had a lot of people who couldn't make that date. So I'm handing it over to you! Leave us a comment and tell me what is the best Saturday for you! I would love to include everyone I can so we can work out a date everyone is happy with hopefully. I love meeting like minded sewists and I know some of you aren't local to London.
Please get in touch, it would be great to see you!!!!


  1. My suggestions are Sat 26th January or Sat 2nd Feb :)

  2. Oooh, maybe I'll be able to attend now...though I can't guarantee it due to being pretty skint...but I'll sure try. Like Claire above I reckon 26 Jan could be good. I personally can't do the first two weekends of Feb, but could do 16 and 23 Feb...

  3. Maybe 26th Jan or 2nd Feb? I'm not sure if I can come yet - as it all depends of the cost of train fares from the North! But I'll keep watching and see what gets decided.

  4. I've just discovered these fabric shopping meet ups! I'm in Manchester though so wo0uld need to book cheapy tickets in advance. Would love to be there though

  5. Hey Stevie, I'd love to come but unfortunately I'm away in Coventry on the 2nd February :( Definitely up for the next one though! Gutted to miss this one, but I've arranged to see my friend's new baby.

  6. Hi stevie
    I would love to participate in the meet up on 2 feb if it is still going ahead

  7. Would love to come and join you, but am organising somthing on the previous evening and may find myself too knackered to make it - would it be too tricky to decide on the day?

    1. No not at all Tamsin, If you can send me an email on and i'll send you my phone number so you can just drop me a text in the morning. It would be great to see you!


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