Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year!!!! Welcome 2013!

                    Happy New Year Everyone, 
                      Have a Fabulous 2013!!!

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  1. Hey Stevie! Happy New Year to you and the 'Baker'... How's the replies going for the London meet-up you suggested for later this month hun, I might not be able to make it now (*sad face*) but would love to meet you 1:1 for a drink again one evening in London after work if you're up for it :)?

    P.S. If it's okay to mention it here in my comment please (I'm trying to share the sewing-goodies lurve everywhere -yay!)?... I'm holding a Giveaway (2 bundles of sewing goodness) over on my blog - open to folks everywhere, so no international postal restrictions LOL!


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