Monday, 22 August 2011

Autumn/ Fall Inspirations... Plus a catchup!

Gosh I would love to walk down the road in that outfit!
Today i'm all about thinking towards Autumn. September is on its way and I would love to go back to University looking a little slimmer and more stylish than last year.
I am one of those people that relishes the Autumn, and the cooler weather it brings .
I'm not a baring all kinda gal and most of my skirts and dresses are worn layered up with long sleeved tops and wooly tights. Ironically this is the time of year my dresses get the most wear.
With my rapidly depleting waistline I am trying to think smartly about what I sew in the future until I meet my goal weight.

I intend to Ebay a lot of my old clothes and start again from scratch if you will. Lots of different things have inspired me this year and I'm finding it hard to pin down a colour palette.

When I shared with you my previous plans on what I wanted to make I hadn't planned to shed the pounds and when looking back not many of them co-ordinated with each other. I think using my jerseys for some basic tops is still a good plan. However I need to focus on things that can be layered
This is from the Last Floremark. I adore this dress and I happen to have the pattern. I can see something like this being worn with tights and a nice thick cardigan!

Ok, so there are a few projects I'm concerned about this autumn...
One is my Lady Grey Coat that I didn't start last year. Due to the weightloss thing the fitting is going to be tricky to say the least! I bought about £60 quids worth of 100% wool so I really don't want to ruin or waste it.

Also I have a heap of UFO's that I am hesitating on the finishing for because I don't want to finish things that will be too big.
So naturally I've been sat thinking of new sewing plans for more Stuff! Stay tuned as this post is already getting longer than it should!

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  1. I also love the jewel tones in the first post. I seem to have the opposite problem at the moment, I am gained weight instead of losing it!


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