Monday, 1 August 2011

The Dress That Started it All...

While looking on some old photo hosting sites I used to be on, I came across this! The dress that sparked my interest in sewing! Its a Suzie Creamcheese dress from the 70's.
Ironically looking at it now most of the colours are reminiscent of those that inspire me!
This is everything that was good and theatrically dramatic about the 70's. I love it so much!
Maybe one day I'll make a replica... Anyway in other news,
I started to assemble my bombshell dress pattern for Gertie's thing. I'm not sure how large the sizing was so I measured the widest part of my hips and checked the measurements on the pattern. To be safe I'm adding half an inch to each sized seam as I can always take in what I don't need but it would be gutting to put in all the work on something that was too small!
Here we have my silk dress, my green beignet with the same silk as lining, I did finish off the lining today but don't want to change thread until i've finished the dress. Not to mention I have no interfacing for the shell of the skirt. So that is my mission tomorrow.
This combination made me smile, knowing how awesome my Liberty Beignet will be eventually...
I also have this mustard jersey which has been cut ready to sew up version B of this Mccalls top plus a Mccalls cardigan in a matching twinset style. I intend to make a few of these so I can mix and match them in the colder months.

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  1. That 70s dress is stunning. I can see why it inspires you - I'm adding that to my inspiration folder too! You have such a good eye for colour. 


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