Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Have I Done This Yet?... Self Stitched Sept 11

I forgot that I was signing up for Self Stitched September!
I enjoyed the last one but as I said i'm not a baring all summer kinda girl. I am however a tights and tweed, Autumnal kinda girl! I am hoping that the colder weather will make it easier for me to wear some of the stuff i've made.

This time around I'm still going for one handmade item a day. I am however worried that some of my winter items will be too big.
At this moment in time I'm concerned I am setting myself up for failure here. But I have a million UFO's that if finished could make this easier.

Me Made June taught me that I should sew with a plan. Since then I haven't done that at all! Although I think I'll be pleasantly surprised by some of the combinations possible in my wardrobe, I am slightly dreading this. I have a few more jersey items compared to last time and I think comfort was an issue throughout the month. I am hoping that it won't be so bad this time around.
So here goes nothing!
Are you participating?

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