Friday, 12 August 2011

My Bombshell Progress...

Or start should I say! I'm no where near any kind of fabric yet except muslin. Even after adding 1.5 cm it is miles too small in the bust. Gertie said to put a style line where you would like the cup to sit.
Mine has some growing to do! Around the ribcage isn't a bad fit considering there is no seam allowance. It still needs to be increased where my boob is supposed to end!

See? My toile is covered in pen scribbles most of them saying increase! The band without the cup is cut to the lower line drawn on the other side. This is a much better fit under my bust.
So now I have the long and arduous task of translating these back onto a second toile!
This is going to be a time consuming project but totally worth it. I have a wedding to go to in October and I intend to wear it then with perhaps a nice wrap...


  1. ooohh! Fabulous! I've just signed up for the course as well and have a feeling I will be making the top a bit higher (it sits rather low normally...) so I'm excited to see your toile making process!

  2. girl, i added 1.5 to my cups, and i don't even hardly have bazoombas! i love these muslin fittings. your dress is gonna rock.


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