Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Has Anyone Else Signed Up to TOO Many Challenges?...

I love Autumn! So much so that every Autumn challenge thats popped up on my reader, I've pretty much signed up to.
I'm going for Colettes Autumn Challenge as I didn't do the Spring one. I know what I want to make I'm just unsure how reigned in my palette is going to be.

I also like that its a 10 week challenge. For me this means a target to aim for with the weight loss. I'd like to be a size smaller in 10 weeks. So most of the stuff I'm making is going to be a bit small for me now but by the end of the challenge I will be rewarded with a lovely capsule wardrobe!
I'm hoping anyway! The clothes that are easy to take in are being made in my normal size. Just because I'm short on clothes as it is at the moment. Plus it would be nice to do some reveals throughout Self Stitch September.
Here is my Fall Palette inspiration Mood board I'm preparing the fabric and patterns mood boards but they aren't ready yet.
*Credits are for Keiko Lynn and Patty from Snug Bug.
SSS'11 is the second challenge I've signed up to for Autumn. I'm quite exited about it but know my limitations a bit better than when I did my first in June. I know that I can't photograph and blog every image every single day. Its just not practical.

The plus side though is I now live with my in house photographer so he can't run away and leave me to take my own damned photos like last time.
I've been a bit cheeky and already started on some of my Autumn Pieces as a couple are the Sew Weekly challenge for Plaid/tartan. I've almost finished the skirt but its too small! Something else to slim into!


  1. My response to your post title: Yes! A thousand times yes! Stevie, I'm with you - I love autumn, especially when it comes to sewing. All those wools and layering sweaters and boots! *sigh* So, I've pretty much signed up for every challenge under the sun, also. At least they compliment each other well! The Fall Essentials Challenge and the Colette are ideally suited, actually, giving a bit of focus to my autumn sewing. Now if only fall would hurry up and arrive! :D

    Also, I love your plan of using the Collete challenge hand-in-hand with your weight loss. You're very much making me want to tackle those extra pounds lingering around me. I would kill to be just two sizes smaller again. There's nothing better than the cute clothes at the end of a challenge, except for perhaps the reward of cute clothes in a smaller size. Thanks for the inspiration, Stevie!

  2. Good luck! I think you'v figured out how to kill two bird (three?) with one stone! I'm hesitating to sew anything too fitted right now myself because I've gotten a bit "cuddly" of late and am exercising and eating better for a month to see what happens first.... :) Good luck!

  3. Of course I've signed up for too many things! We all do. I think I've got 4 or 5 going now, on top of maybe doing some Sew Weekly. I like your fall palette, it is a refreshing change from the typical orange, red, yellow and brown (not that I'm not guilty of that!)


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