Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Stone(d) Love... For Fabric!

This week we went to my favorite place in Devon with my Mum and Dad, Totnes! If your in the area I totally recommend it! Its such a cute little place and the best thing about it? Stone Fabrics.

I was so exited on Sunday, we drove the 2 hours from Bristol and got there... To my horror the shop was shut along with most of the high street. So Mum and I took a second venture down today in the glorious sunshine and had a wander around.
Most of you probably know of Stone Fabrics from their excellent online reputation. When I re-picked up sewing after college the first dress I blogged about (The Joan Dress) was made from a Linen/poly mix from there. I went in today and it is like a sweetshop for fabricaholics. Luckily true to my word, I have cut 3 pieces of fabric into garments so I was allowed one fabric treat.
I'm not going to lie here it is UBER expensive. However they have the most beautiful and good quality fabric as well as kind and helpful staff.
I wanted something for my bombshell dress and didn't want to skimp as I intend to spend a lot of time and effort getting this looking perfect! Its an investment and I chose a hot pink cotton sateen at £12 per metre!
I liked the tiki feel of the red version Gertie made so I went with that style
They even wrapped it so it felt like a present to myself!
This of course helped with the decision!


  1. Totnes is fab, but best not to go in the summer, over run by tourists. Friday is the best day, markets!!!
    Love the look of yourbombshell fabric.

  2. Oh, how I would love to visit Stone Fabrics in person. The fabric you've bought looks perfect for the dress. I'm making the Bombshell Dress, too!


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