Friday, 13 September 2013

Completed: Basic But Special Briar...

Remember I said i'd made multiple Briar's? Well here is another. This is made from a funky manipulated jersey I picked up at fabricland ages ago. The pattern creates an almost shirred effect on the fabric, which is nice but i'm not sure its too flattering on a curvy lady like me.
I do like this shirt though. Again I lengthened by about an inch and I may in future do a teeny swayback adjustment just so it lies a little flatter.
 This is a serious wardrobe basic. I have a distinct lack of white in my wardrobe, probably because I am notorious for spilling stuff on myself and getting generally mucky. I still want more white tops though. I think its nice with my skin tone and goes with, well everything!
Here are the stats:
Fabric: Textured thin knit jersey from Fabricland £6.00 (may have been cheaper, can't remember)
Notions: Thread in Stash £0.00
Pattern: Briar used before so £0.00
Wearability: 8/10 Not the most flattering but totally comfy and wearable!
£6.00 is probably what i'd pay for a decent top in the sales but I don't think I would have got this unusual knit in a style that suited me. So in that way its a winner!

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