Thursday, 19 September 2013

Completed:Seasalt Renfrew...

Yay another finished top! This one has been in the UFO pile for a little while but i'm glad I got it done in time for the weather to change. Did you guess by now this is the same photoshoot as the last two? Like I said I had an impatient photographer that day.
Anyhoo, this top reminds me of family holidays in Cornwall and wandering around Padstow watching the boats. Hence why seasalt.
I'm not going to say anything more about Renfrew as a pattern, its been covered. Needless to say this jersey is not the best quality and it isn't terribly flattering at the back. Nevertheless I'm prepared to wear a vest top with it as I really love the sky blue stripe. (Promise its a stripe, difficult to see on my monitor!) Pixel wanted to be in these photos and I kept the back fat one simply because he's copying my pose! What a professional!
 I then preceded to pick him up and have a cuddle but he just looked rather bemused...
Stats time!
Fabric: Cheap fabric from fabricland about £6.00
Notions: Thread in Stash £0.00
Total: £6.00
Wearability:5/10 Its ok for day to day wear but not the most flattering top i've ever owned. It should be useful for a season or two! I can't promise you guys there won't be any more Renfrews. They are just so damned useful!

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