Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Ok Stevie, You Can Stop with the Stripes Now...

Have you ever broke one of your cardinal fashion rules? I'm talking bulldozing right through that sucker, deciding that actually sod everyone else I want to wear it!
Mine was horizontal stripes.
I am not the thinnest pencil in the box. One of the cardinal rules I grew up with was that women over a size blah blah blah couldn't wear horizontal stripes.
I stared in admiration at Breton tops and cute stripey dresses wishing I was 'allowed' to wear them. Last year I decided enough was enough. Why couldn't I wear them? What was stopping me? Stripes looked cute on other people why not me?
The first top that broke the spell was my Stripey Renfrew. It was a meetup swap fabric from Zoe and the colours reminded me of the seaside. "This isn't so bad" I thought, I look like a normal person. Little did I know i'd turn into this crazy Stripe obsessed monster! Here's some evidence, just of stuff i'd made. I'd also been purchasing stripes like a woman posessed!
So after the stripe rule had been broken, a stripe binge had begun and oh my god do I own a lot of stripey clothes now! (11 in the top photo, not including 2 in laundry, plus i'm wearing one,) Seriously. I think its time to stop with the stripes now!

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