Thursday, 6 January 2011

2011 Organisation Exercise

I have a lot of stuff ok? I am a hoarder and LOVE my stuff. Patterns and fabric included, I know we are all guilty of it and some are worse than others... But this year I have decided to try to rectify this and plan my sewing better.
I know I know the best laid plans and all that! But I have spent the last few days organising my room /sewing space and already feel loads better. After a quick count I have found I have 52 sewing patterns (not all in my size) plus all the Burda Magazine freebies. So what I have done is photograph them all (Burda still in the process, Theres a lot of them!) and popped them into my Iphoto so I can see exactly what patterns I have before I go on a mad spree.
I put them on my shelf in order of Era's which is what the dividers are for. I also did the same with my oodles of fabrics. I have 24 useable peices of fabric in various sizes and I have put them into files on my computer organised by type of material, I.e. Cottons, Jerseys etc. This should make it much easier to eliminate waste and for me to use what I have! Now I just have to make a sewing plan and now...
Much easier to see straight away if I have the right fabric for the job. How does everyone else organise their stash?

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