Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Resolutions of the sewing variety...

I've never been one to be focused, but I love lists so when it gets to a new year I tend to go easy on myself a bit and give myself a few big and a few little things to do. These are my notebooks, One, was bought in Paris by my lovely friend Rosie and my parents got me the "Shopping With Mother" for Christmas, This contains my New Year list. I'm going to use the other to note down the things I'd like to make.
Craft Wise, I am deciding I'd like to learn new skills and revisit old ones, So learning to Crochet is on my list.
I have armed myself with a crochet hook and a really super cute pattern ( not sure how easy it will be but we shall see!)
Fingers crossed (or hopefully not!)
I also can knit but I don't.
I think I'd like to further that skill, as I started selling Vintage Knitting Patterns on Etsy but no such luck in them going and to be honest I'd be sad if they did! So I'd like to knit one garment this year, like a jumper or cardi.
Now then onto the Sewing!
I have yet to draw up a plan of action but I am starting myself slow and put down that I'd like to make 10 garments this year.
I'm hoping I will do more but I'm trying not to make it too daunting as Uni has to fit in too.
Topping the list at this moment in time is the Macaron Dress,
seconded by my Lady Grey that I have been way too scared to start!
Eeekk! I'm sure it will be ok if I do a muslin and take my time. Now onto my less than favoured friend Organisation.
I have made a pledge to organise my sewing life, especially my patterns that are strewn everywhere and stuffed in a pink incredibles suitcase (not joking.) I would like to order them by era for the moment and then photograph them so I can also organise them digitally so I know what I have.
Finally on the blogging front, I'd like to post far more often than I have been and get in some lovely guest posts. So if you fancy it please leave us a comment! Also I think Outfit posts are lacking, I try but I tend to get overcome with shyness and don't want to post the photo! I promise I will try not to do that this year as I have some lovely new clothes I'd love to share with you all!
Wow that's quite enough to be getting on with I have some muslin planning to do! Have a fab day everyone x


  1. oooohh! I'm loving those crochet shoes. Where did you find the pattern? They would be SO cute for spring! I just learned to crochet from my grandma a few months ago. I've made a snood with success so maybe I should try something more complex. Those Colette patterns are so adorable. I'm dying to get my hands on that tap pants and bralette pattern! Happy crafting! xoxo

  2. Brittany, It was on Etsy I found them on top picks! Hollanddesigns I think, I think i'll get on better as it grows faster than knitting, Fingers crossed x

  3. cute crochet shoes! that colete pattern (Lady Grey) I did it my own version, you can see about it in my blog.
    I LOVE that pattern I would like to see your version.


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