Thursday, 20 January 2011


Thank god. If you thought my stack of Virginia Woolf research was bad have a gander at this. I have just completed an essay on "the ways in which an interest in American popular culture began to influence British design in the 1950s"

Wow right? Super interesting but harder than you would think to cram into just under 3,000 words. But what got me through it?
Well the fact that I can have a short sewing interlude before my 5,000 word beast of an essay next and...
NEW SHOES! Aren't they Lush?! 1950's looking (Schuh) little heels in the sale. I've been practising on them all day!
Normally I'd be like Eww toe Cleavage but there too pretty for me to care!


  1. Crikey, that si a lot of reading. Lovely shoes though, and sometimes I like a little toe cleavage.

  2. OMG those shoes are murder! So gorgeous! :)


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