Monday, 17 January 2011

Fabric Thoughts...

I know all of us have a stash... Some more than others of us! (love looking at cupboards full with stupendous fabric on peoples blogs!) I'm currently working on a sewing plan trying to use up my stash before I buy new. (Granted I fell of the wagon with some very cheap Vintage patterns. But i'll defend myself for that later.)
I pitifully whined to my boyfriend the other day when he questioned my buying new fabric when I already had plenty. I muttered that he didn't understand that you have to have adequate fabric for the pattern in hand. He smiled at my pathetic attempt to defend myself when I knew he was right...
I do have 14 pieces of totally useable fabric, but when your mind wanders (as well as your fingers on a laptop keyboard.) Your shown all the things you COULD own and it is very difficult to abstain. I have recently started a fabric inspiration gallery on my computer and it is rapidly running out of control just like my garment inspiration. Theres just too much!
Fabric can be inexpensive but I never like those bits... Oooo Ponteroma knit...
I'm a sucker for cute prints especially (unless you hadn't guessed hehe) I just have to look and dream. Especially super expensive quilting cottons. I always see kooky little shirt dresses with big wide belts. But £13 a metre!?! I suppose I need to just take a deep breath at this point. If you were buying a shirtdress in this kind of print your looking at £90 aren't you? (If they are from Get Cutie! ) I just am in student mode. I have to stashbust but I just can't help looking! I have a problem!
How can you not fall in love with that!?
I have however promised myself this silk to make a shirt...(maybe dress...) After I have completed my two essays.
How do you abstain/give in to your fabric urges?


  1. Like you, I find abstaining really hard...almost impossible! My buying frenzy doesn't stop at cute fabrics, it extends to vintage sewing patterns too. They're just all so cute and I feel I'm missing out if I don't own them ;o)

  2. It is a constant battle of will! I guess my only saving grace is that my local fabric store is terrible, but somehow I still have a collection of fabric that I probably won't ever sew through in my lifetime... and I still want more!
    I'm the same way with vintage patterns - darn ebay bringing them right into my living room ;)


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