Friday, 21 January 2011


Hello lovlies,
I have some lovely news, I'm going to Barcelona with my boyfriend in March Wooop! I'm so exited, It's been on my list for ages!
Anyone who knows of any good Fabric Shops in Barcelona please let me know!!!

Anyhoo. I am thinking It might be nice to take mostly handmade stuff with me.
I have had a bit of a sewing plan going for ages but It never seems done does it?
I have a mending list that is miles long. I could have lots of nice new garments fixed up if I tried really hard. So my mending plan is in action...
My Macaron is fitted better now and is just awaiting a bit of bias binding around the neckline,
Joan has a little hole in the waist and needs her bust darts messed about with (ooo er missus.)
my polka skirt could do with the waist panel being shrunk, and my parisian dress is in dire need of reconstruction.
So thats the mending...
I shall return with the sewing plan forthwith...

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