Monday, 10 January 2011

Macaron Muslin done...

In a frankensteiny kinda way... I get way too impatient with muslins. When I started this one, I thought I'd need to cut a smaller size but after putting it together I think i'm happy for it to be slightly slouchy and comfy but still its nice to know a size down would be good too.
Its botched together very quickly as I have a 5000 word essay due in very soon. But i'd ideally like to get this project finished asap!
I only did one sleeve (but I love the little design detail) and pinned the bodice to the skirt.
I was a very good girl and I did do both pockets because it's the first time i've put a pocket into a pleat and that was the part that took me the most time.
I was amazed at how lovely and clear the instructions are! It went together like a dream! Now I intend to cut the pieces out tonight in front of a boxset of Abfab with my housemate.

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