Friday, 8 April 2011

Award? Me?

I want to say thankyou to Charlotte of Sew Far Sew Good for nominating me as one of the smaller blogs she would like to get more recognition. I think this is a fab idea. I'm sorry if I don't include all of you but I have a few I can't stop reading at the moment. (When I'm looking at you all I save my top ones to read last!)

Ok So here goes:
Mary and Stephanie from Idle Fancy
Patty from The Snug Bug
Finally Zoe from So...Zo
If you are named please post on your blog and link back to the giver (me) and name some other blogs that that will enjoy the Leibster award.
Not much sewing going on today. I have had a day at the beach with 2 of my lovely boys and now to make dinner for my favouritist and housemate x


  1. hope you have a lush day, so nice when the sun is shining!

  2. Oh, Stevie, thank you so much for thinking of us! What a great award! There are so many smaller blogs I love, so it's nice to highlight them when I have a chance.


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