Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Sorry for the negative titles the last few posts!
But as predicted this dress is not going the way I want it to... Here is as much as I can show you of it on...
Depressing isn't it. Let me explain... Project Runway patterns have a design element to them in which you choose what dress you want and you can interchange embellishments.
This is all well and good and when I cut this out for version A the one with the short sleeves I had the savvy to cut out the ruffles I wanted for the front and back. It seemed odd that there was a back piece on the fold but not a front. I puzzled then decided to cut out and pin to see if there was some clever trick I was missing...
Nope It definitely needed a bodice front... Why is it not on the cutting layout (1 is front bodice 2 is back bodice)
I was puzzled still further by the first instruction... Front Bodice? You didn't tell me to cut one!!!
In the end the only clue you were given is a tiny A by the side of the pattern rundown. So I went with what would normally be my sewing instinct, ( I was trying not to rush and to do things by instructions for once.) Was correct all along and I had wasted an hour working it out.
What an Idiot.
I'm afraid thats not the only grumble I have about this pattern... Narrow hemming a ruffle? That sounds like way too much hard work to me! Especially in this fabric. So. What I intend to do tomorrow when I start up again is cut another 2 of each ruffle and put them together so the edge is enclosed. I think it would look super messy otherwise!
On a positive note. The skirt pieces are together, ruffles mostly assembled and I know exactly how to put the bodice together plus there are no fastenings... Hurrah! oh and I love the design and it fits with my fabric perfect... Ohhh look ruffly....


  1. Good luck tomorrow with your dress, hope it comes together well!

  2. I like this fabric & your way of sewing the ruffles!

  3. Ah that is frustrating about the bodice, I am often confused by pattern instructions. I also thought I'd let you know I'm passing a little award onto you! You can see it on my blog. Reana Louise

  4. I really feel for you, it is so frustrating when pattern instructins are simple rubbish. I find that ignoring pattern directions and concerntrating on the fron picture that you can some times make it work. best of luck hon x x x

  5. Project runway patterns are a big pain. I made one of their coats and the version I made had no label in the pattern for it, you know how they say view a,b,c etc. There was the pattern piece but not really a lot of instructions. It was a pain, I would never recommend their patterns to a beginner. They can be such a pain but they are also so darn cute :)

  6. That is annoying! I had similar frustrations with the BurdaStyle Alison swimsuit, pieces that should have been cut on the fold were not labelled as such, etc. Hope the dress comes together ok.

  7. Ugh, I feel your pain! I really hate it when you spend so much time on a garment and it just doesn't work out as planned.

    On a positive, I really love the fabric. :)


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