Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Before Uni Takes Over...

I thought I'd do a quick post today just to explain. I'm NOT taking a blog vacation! But I will not be posting almost everyday as I'm into my last term of Uni which requires countless essays, a presentation and exams. Somehow I've got to fit a Birthday in there too! Phew!

Anyway I will try my best to get my sewing queue down Lickity Split.

In the meantime on to the Fabric!
Now I'm trying to be good and saving some moneys for the Goldhawk Rd meetup. However I have recently become a shipping buddy with my friend Cathe! So we can ship each other fabric and stuff that we can't get in our own countries!
Great idea non? ( head to sew weekly if your interested in a similar thing.)
So Mood and Joannes and Fabric.com are now easily within my reach! Hoorahh!!
There will probably be many more of these moodboards in the next few weeks but Heres some of their yummy Twills and two I have bought myself to make a pair of Capri's and my McCalls straight Jeans!
The ones on the Left are mood and the Green and Coral on the right are what I have bought from Croftmill.
I've also been on about Jersey tops so I had a look at what Mood had and they had plenty!
These are probably the colours I would wear the most but I wouldn't object to some more hot pinks!
Finally for today, a gratuitous bit of wishlist! I found these amazing eyelets! I have seen some skirts and dresses like this around and who wouldn't want to own these?

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  1. Cool, a shipping buddy is a great idea! :) I've got uni exams this month, and I am NOT looking forward to it!
    Ashley x


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