Sunday, 29 May 2011

My Belated Birthday Weekend!

I have had the best weekend. Since my family couldn't get together for my actual birthday we planned to come to Bristol this weekend. It has been a fun filled few days full of Thai food, cocktails, dressing up to the nines, roast dinners, presents and most importantly my whole family!
I have had plenty of surprises!
Hendricks Gin! Infused with Cucumber...
My auntie bought me the most beautiful Osprey Audrey handbag I had been looking at for ages! Total surprise! As well as my camper van cake! (my parents call me Steph)
Then came the sewing stuff!!!! Beautiful pattern weights from Etsy.
A tailors ham and roll, from the Cupcake Goddess.
Finally A Lady Valet Mannequin.
She is so beautiful and in the correct size!
She needs a name though so any suggestions I would love it!


  1. Wow! You got some seriously good presents. Love the sound of that gin, I want that handbag and those weights and the ham roll and - ooh - everything! Happy birthday.

  2. Ooh, what lovely birthday gifts! My husband and I love the cake - he had an old camper van in university. :)

    Love your new mannequin! When I look at her, the name Miss Della popped into my head.

  3. Oooh what wonderful gifts. Your family and friends are clearly people of excellent taste and generosity - lucky you!

  4. Wow, you really scored! Great gifts! Happy birthday :)

  5. What thoughtful gifts you your tailors hams & dress form! Your cake is adorable......Adele is a pretty name for a Lady ;)
    Happy Birthday!

  6. What lovely presents! I'm drooling over that handbag in particular...
    Happy belated birthday!
    Miss P xx

  7. Ooh I love everything, you lucky thing. Hhm a name for your lady valet? I've got one and it seems pretty matronly so something along the lines of Mabel or Doris! x


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