Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Red White Blue, Mark 2...

I have bought the fabric I was intending to use for the Blogger meetup from Ditto. I went for a red white and blue print.
But I have been thinking of ways to shake it up a little. I want a complete outfit. But I bought plenty of fabric so that I could make two matching seperates. They will look like a dress when worn together but then I can wear them separately for Me Made June!
So here is what I came up with New Look 6808 for the skirt and New Look 6900 for the top.
What does everyone think?


  1. I think it's fab, love the fabric and I'm really into seperates too.

  2. I like! I'm going to wear a top and skirt too so yay! for separates! Love the fabric too!

  3. Good plan, much more versatile than a dress :) I can't believe your doing a 2nd outfit, I've not even started my first yet (ok lack of fabric might not be helping that but it's on its way!)

  4. Oooh beautiful fabric...did you get it from Croft Mill? I adore the blouse pattern too!

  5. Hey all! Thanks for the vote of confidence! I'm a bit worried it will look kind of mother of the bride!
    Marie- Thanks! This was from Ditto in Brighton, I found it on the website and thought it would save me delivery to get it in the shop. I have bought some Twill's for trousers from croftmill though and they shipped today Hooray!! x

  6. I loove the fabric, and the neckline of the top

  7. The fabric is lovely and it'll be useful to have two pieces too. Look forward to seeing the finished items!


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