Thursday, 26 May 2011

Progress... I Suppose

Hello all!
I have been sewing pretty much all day today woohoo!
However things have not all been running smoothly.
My Violet shirt eluded me with the collar facing situation. I've tried it 10 million ways and can't get it right so I lost patience. I then finished off what I will call my Ada Shirt. But it doesn't suit me! The thin fabric doesn't lend itself to the pattern and wont sit right whatever I do. The facing also won't stay down as its not faced. Even though its edge stitched.
(Apologies for the Mother Mary pose, I was trying to stop the fabric looking wrinkled.)

I cut my Jersey for my autumnal palette top and i'll be honest there was literally No room to swing a small feline once i'd stuck the pieces down. I serged it all together and it looks ok. But I'm not 100% happy with it. it is miles too big and the neckline was much more scooped than I had imagined.
The only thing that did go ok today was my duck egg blue shirt. But I have made it before. I'm really liking the colour but for the second time I cut the long sleeve. It just doesn't suit me I need to stop doing it and just cut the damn cap sleeve. Much more modern.
Still at least I'm sewing and making some progress for Me Made June. Heres hoping I have something I can wear on the weekend.


  1. I love the collar on the first shirt, and I really want the pattern for the last one, it's lovely! :)
    Ashley x

  2. Your shirt is so pretty with the tie...I have been making some little things for Me Made June too!


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