Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Second Post... Finally!

It took me ages to realise I was going to blog about the Sew Weekly Pattern swap goodies I acquired. I completely forgot. So here goes. I'll start off with the fabrics.
I won this from the very kind Judy who sent a package from America,
This is a super cute vintage sheet. Onto the women's patterns...
A lot of these are going to involve grading and some are amazingly 80's. However the shapes look good like this yummy shirt with gathers at the shoulders.
Another Similar shirt. This one has a bit of a Lady Di Vibe with the model in the cream.
This is a 90's one, but the skirt in the middle in green gingham is cute! Plus anything that takes an hour is all good in my book!
The top really appealed to me on this one, not sure why but hey I need some stretch knit patterns! Onto the 70's
I am not sure what to do with this one at the moment. The middle dress looks quite appealing.
Two sixties ones. I love the funnel neck one! I have some paisley material for this but I'm not sure I have enough.
Then I picked one modern one. Lots of separates. This is what I'm using my Brown and Orange print jersey for.
Then I picked out a couple of Mens patterns. Not sure if I will make them anytime soon but there could be some comical Christmas presents lurking in these cheesy looking outfits!
I'm really happy that these are added to my collection. I am also pleased i'm using one so quickly. I have to say it is tempting to make that jersey top right now as a quick gratification before all the things on the list! I have pretty much finished my exam prep today Hoorah! But I have a house inspection Friday so cleaning my room is next before the sewing. Boo!
I might use it as an excuse to do my least favorite of sewing tasks. Ironing!

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  1. Stevie, that vintage bedsheet is fabulous! Such a cute print. I can't wait to see what you make with it! I'm totally lusting after that funnel-neck blouse pattern, as well. That's going to be very lovely all made up.


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