Friday, 6 May 2011

Always get samples...

Sorry no sewing again today! Frantically trying to finish two pieces of work so I can enjoy my Birthday stress free on Monday. But my Twills from Croftmill arrived today
remember I showed you the moodboard with a Coral colour and a Limey Pea green?
Well this is what arrived,
A light army green and a peachy colour. The Coral is actually pretty true and fine for the cropped trousers or shorts I had in mind but neither are great feeling fabrics. I'm hoping a few spins in the wash will help soften them up.

I don't really fancy army green straight leg jeans so I will have to re-think. I'm wondering about a structured 1940's style? Its slightly pukier than in this pic. If it was forest greeny it would be fine!

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  1. Eeek, I bit the bullet and ordered online, but only after I'd got samples, Soo glad I did as the one I loved I hated when it came and the one I wasn't sure about but ordered anyway I love! I found a site that does free samples, amazing!

    I'm sure you'll work something out with the green, probably after its sat in the sat for a few months though :(


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