Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Pippa (?) Set...

Do we think Pippa is a good name for this? I figure that I wore my other Red White and Blue dress for the wedding so I could see how this dress could be that dresses sister?
In a frenzy, after two days of trying to do only Uni work and no sewing. I relented in a massive cutting madness (Seriously if you saw the Crimson Petal and the White, It was exactly like Agnes cutting her dress into birds,)
The New Look pattern went up to a 16. Which is normally fine however I've recently got into the habit of cutting a size up from what I am and taking in (by about two sizes.) But I had no pattern paper anywhere and I was kinda in a rush as the guilt kicked in for sewing and not doing Uni stuff.
So my friends, I added 3cm to each side seam of every piece. 3!!! I am mad... Not only did I do that because I was terrified of ruining the fabric if it didn't fit. I did it in red pen. RED PEN.
I can hear you all weeping with despair!!!
However, it is a frixion. which disappears when heat is applied (gotcha!) I've been using these instead of tailors chalk recently so I figure its acceptable.
I bought 3.5 meters and to my suprise I pretty much got through that with hardly any waste, I'm glad to be honest, I hate having fabric I already made into something lolling about.
I cut the top and the skirt at the same time. But started to pin the skirt together and my fears became apparent. I'm going to have to take in. There is no shape!
Granted it is over jeans and pinned but as I said before better to take in then be too small!
So this is how I have left it, ready cut for assembly AFTER my work is finished!
How's everyone else getting on with their outfits?


  1. I'm so excited to see this!!this fabric is lovely. I have already made the trousers there on my blog already, but I cut the blouse last night, it's unusal so slightly worried that it wont turn out well and have no time to make anything else!!!

  2. The fabric is lovely, and I love how you call it the Pippa Set - it made me giggle to myself at my desk :) I'm excited to see the finished project!!

  3. I just love your fabric, this will look knockout!


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