Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Day I Got My Stuff Done...

Evening Friendlings!
Today I got some stuff done, but didn't really finish anything.
I literally blitzed my bedroom and packed up a considerable amount of stuff for the move in July.
I cleaned my kitchen, did some washing and oh yeh...
Finished my Parisian Skirt,
Almost finished a surprise top.
(Do you recognise my pink silk/cotton mix? I changed the top I was making with it, but more on that another day) I also started on my Violet shirt.
On the good news front. I found my Burda pattern and instruction booklet for the issue with the Parisian dress in so can re-draft, plus there was some yummy designs in there. Shame I lost the actual magazine...
Heres a few I was drooling over.

Today has been pretty productive but i'm now all hyper and desperate to start cutting my Beignet and a Lisette Shirtdress I had planned for my Raspberry Gingham.
I'm not sure its wise to sew at this time at night when you only have the aid of an unusually bright lamp (My Great Grandmothers from the 60's.) I could start my duck egg peplum shirt otherwise.
My sewing queue is gradually getting smaller. Out of the 5 things I had on the rail one is finished and three tops are almost there. I'm glad I have another skirt to add to the Me Mades, Sorry the photos are of them on the hanger badly. I will try and get stuff finished tomorrow so I can show you them on.
The Violet blouse is so super easy! I'm glad I bit the bullet and bought it. This could be a great go to pattern.

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