Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Preparations for MMJ!...

It is upon us lovlies!
Me Made June starts tomorrow! EEEK!
I should be running around like a lunatic trying to finish the 6 (!?!?!) UFO's I currently have on the go.
But I'm not.
I'm faffing about but not really doing any serious sewing. Does anyone else get these sewing ruts?
I want to sew but I know it will be frustrating for me. I have done a bit of tweaking. I made my Jersey top smaller, so it now fits much better.
I also had a go at pinning my Lisette dress on the mannequin. Someone suggested I call her Adele which I quite like.
I'm hoping this dress will get better as it progresses. I was trying to forsee any major problems before I started sewing, Much easier when you don't have to reach behind yourself! Good luck tomorrow everyone!
At Dawn we Dress Handmade...

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  1. At dawn we dress handmade... Brilliant!


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